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At Austeria global limited, we aim to provide excellent goods and services in all our business portfolios with premiere value to our clients

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Haulage and Logistics

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Automobile Dealership

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We offer dedicated transport, logistics and warehousing solutions, at affordable price to suit our clients needs at all time.

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Quality, honesty, liability, and flexibility have been our guidelines for the company and the employees since the very beginning.


Our staff

With our extensive knowledge in logistics and transport systems our dedicated staff offers Top notch services to our client.


We want to be the first choice transport and logistics company in the country. We are aware that every success starts with an effort.


AUSTERIA GLOBAL LIMITED To provide outstanding goods and services with the highest standards of integrity. We are not deterred by any distance. We move sure but steadily till we deliver our friendship. Drivers are not rewarded for being fast on the road, as we maintain a high sense of caution on the road as well as obey speed control limits.We cover any part of the Country and the world. Our trained crew men are experts on the ......Read more